Andrés Fernández Cordón - Illustrator, Animator, Geek


My name is Andrés Fernández Cordón and I live down there in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Here you can find links to the things I do, and find ways to get in touch. Please don’t hesitate to do so, that’s what the internet was all about after all.

Illustration, animation, and direction

Since 2012 I’ve been running Sloop, an animation studio together with Jorge Conde. It specializes in storytelling for companies. Check out we do at our site.
I also worked many years as a freelance illustrator, you can see some (a tiny portion) of my work at my Behance portfolio.

Monero stuff

I think cryptocurrencies are very interesting and have the power to change the world we live in (for the better). I found out about Monero and encounter a great community with truly great ideas, devoted to give back privacy and freedom to us all. I ended up being part of the Monerujo development team, doing UX suggestions and content. Monerujo was the first Monero android wallet and keeps being at the forefront of the implementation of new features. I’m also currently doing illustrations for Mastering Monero, an upcoming book written by SerHack and funded by the community.


I made a podcast in my native rioplatense spanish along with my dear friend Nahuel called Etcétera, from 2006 to 2013. It was crazy and beloved, and part of the first wave of spanish podcasts. Fueled by empanadas and wine, its topics defy categorization like that third kitchen drawer where you put all the things that you don’t know where to put.
You can find me on the interwebs: