Andrés Fernández Cordón - Illustrator, Animator, Geek

Hello, I am Andrés Fernández Cordón, illustrator.

After gathering experiences through years as a short film director, picture book author, freelance illustrator, work-for-hire animator, and overall internet enthusiast decided to mash it all up and put it to good use in our own animation studio.

In my dual role of co-founder an creative director, I enjoy the daily chance to work in tailored projects alongside great people, both artists and clients. I have a sincere curiosity for the ideas, products and services people tell when they contact us, so the part where I have to understand what they do, how it works, and why it's valuable to people is one of the best parts of the job. Coming up with ideas about how to communicate that in a way that reaches people's minds and hearts is another.

I also have a hard cheese addiction, a trains fetish, a deep love for time travel movies, and an uncanny ability to get in the zone reading stuff in the interwebs I didn't knew about, ranging from number stations to the hardest words to translate in the world.